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Welcome to �Break The Circle�. This is a web site designed for adults and young people who want to break away from anything that is stopping them from living a normal and happy life, including addictions and behaviours that are affecting their lives. It is not just for those who are addicted though, but also for those who are friends, relatives or even victims of the addicted.

In Break The Circle you will find links to many different web sites, help lines and addresses of organisations who specialise in helping those who want to break out of the never ending circle they are in. In Break the Circle we list the organisation�s web site link and/or an address and telephone number. In the main we have provided links to UK based organisations, but in some cases a certain organisation may be based outside the UK. Most of the help lines are free 0800 phone lines so you do not have to pay for your call. The rest is up to you.....

If you would like to add your organisation�s details to this site�s database, or have any comments/suggestions please contact us below.

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�Break the circle - Free the hater� - John Lees

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